Monday, June 30, 2008

A review of cool stuff available at Disney Shopping

Quite a while since i did a "cool merchandise" topic, but here is one about cool stuff available at

Of course, plenty of new items about Wall-E, beginning with this great poster above available for $29.50 in the collectibles section HERE

In the Wall-E toys section HERE , lot of different items - remote-controlled Wall-E, Motorized Interactive Talking Wall-E and EVE who interact with each other - $39.50 each. Here are two different videos to have a closer look to how it works.

Also, these "Wall-E Transforming" which "quickly transforms from cube to fully poseable figure in seconds, ready to clean up the world" - $24.50

This Search & Protect Eve "Press EVE's head down to change her eye expressions six different ways" - $12.50

And, this Clean & Go M-O which moves along the floor brushing up any debris in his path - Two rotating brushes lift dirt up into his back panel compartment - $12.50

Don't forget to keep some dollars for the Ultimate Wall-E that will be available this fall - the real good one to buy. Have a look at this new video of it below.

Always at, three cool items to celebrate Peter Pan 55th anniversary. The first one is this great Never Land big figure featuring a working waterfall, a rotating Tinker Bell and lots of your favorite characters and locations, including the Mermaid's Lagoon, a hollow tree filled with the Lost Boys and Peter Pan, and Tiger Lily and her village. Tepees and Hollow tree lights up.

Also, this Peter Pan 55th Anniversary Snowglobe where The Lost Boys are lost in joy as they dance around Peter Pan and Tiger Lily, while her father and the jealous Wendy watch. Characters rotate around snowglobe and Indian Tents light up. These two items are a bit pricey - $150 and $99.50, but nice Peter Pan items are always rare.

And if you like fiber optic effects, this Tinker Bell Fiber Optic Big Figure should make your day - Fiber optic wings and Pixie dust on base lights up and changes color - $79.50

Finally, there is a real good deal on Disneyshopping right now, it's this Jack Sparrow 22'' Full Body Figurine at $49.99 ( intead of 124.50 previously ). I bought it some months ago, and not only the sculpture is huge, but also beautiful. The best Jack Sparrow sculpture i've seen so far. Believe me, for $49.99 it's a reaaaal good deal!

Okay, that should do it for today!


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