Saturday, August 23, 2008

Laughing Place reveal more informations on the WDS Ratatouille attraction

The always good Laughing site revealed more informations on DLP future. More specifically on the upcoming attractions for the Walt Disney Studios, confirming what i told you last Sunday in my DLP update about the Ratatouille and the other three Toon Studio little attractions. Also, as i've mentioned, the coming of Soarin' may never happen...

The Ratatouille attraction will be located behind the Magic of Disney Animation and seems to have a full John Lasseter approval. And, yes, the attraction will use a GPS control system - just like the Winnie the pooh ride at TDL. But those of you who remember the "Adventure through Inner Space" attraction at disneyland will be happy to know that Disney guests will be shrunk once again as " Guests will be shrunk to the size of Remy as they are chased through the kitchen by Chef Skinner and his cohorts. The attraction will play with scale throughout as the four-man ride vehicles careen around the world of Ratatouille. " . No mighty telescope involve this time, though.

As i had the intuition last sunday, the imagineers decision to use the GPS control system is a perfect idea for a Ratatouille dark ride, specially when imagineers want to give the feeling to move inside the decor like a rat can do.

As for the Toon Studio little attractions, the working title for this area is ToyStoryLand and it "will provide up to five kid-friendly attractions and a Meet ‘n’ Greet area. The theme is likely to be Woody’s Roundup from the fictional TV show from the two movies."

Laughing Place also confirm that the park is interested in the Little mermaid attraction but didn't decide yet for Star Tours 2. More details on DLP future in the Laughing article HERE

Photo: copyright Disney-Pixar


Kim said...

sounds great , but theres nothing in the article about toystory mania ... only about the little attractions (would be great if 5 new little attractions go to toytory land ;D )

Alex said...

I can't wait to meet Remy.
One small correction to your great article. The vehicles won't be controlled by GPS. GPS isn't precise enough, it has as far as I know a range form +- 1 meter. And it needs direct communication with the satellites, so a dark ride can't use it.

Due to an article in Wikipedia
it's a LPS a local positioning system. For more information on this system read the Wikipedia article.


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