Thursday, August 28, 2008

WDW Hurricane Alert : What can be worst than one hurricane ?

What can be worst than one hurricane? Answer: To be trapped between TWO hurricanes at the SAME time. And this is precisely what may happen in three days from now for Center Florida and Walt Disney World.

All this thanks to tropical storms Gustav and Hanna which will become hurricanes in the next 72 hours. I am not the one telling it, but the National Hurricane Center who know what the word "hurricane" mean. See the NHC map below for a better understanding.

However, WDW guests must not panic, as Gustav, the first hurricane is heading - unfortunately - towards New Orleans, Louisiana -, and Hanna goes toward the Bahamas Islands. So the "eye" of the hurricanes won't be over WDW, but as we know, a hurricane is extremely wide and the stormy effects can be feel hundreds miles all around the famous "eye".

In three days from now, WDW will be right in the middle and probably will feel the effects of the two hurricanes almost at the same time, and my feeling is that it is not necessarily good news...So, if you are planning to spend the week-end at the Magic KIngdom, it's probably better to don't forget your umbrella, as heavy rains should be part of the program...

Photos : copyright National Hurricane Center


Ryan said...

Umbrellas are not the best because there ins so much wind and lightning. They are more trouble then they are worth. Ponchos are a smarter way to go.

Matt said...

With all due respect....I love this site and articles posted but in the grand scheme of things should'nt the focus and prayers be with everyone living on the U.S. Gulf Coast and not just the fact that a THEME PARK might be damaged? I really hope that you will post an addendum showing the broader picture than worrying about if the parks will close or not. What about those reeling from Katrina? What about everyone in Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida? (Not to mention the entire East Coast in regards to the second storm. PLEASE think of these people and not just from "missing out" at the parks.

"And this is precisely what may happen in three days from now for Center Florida and Walt Disney World."

What about the other States and people?

Alain Littaye said...

Matt, i agree with you, but when i did this post three days ago hurricane Gustav was not a force 4 hurricane, and the final destination of Gustav was not sure yet. Also this site being about Disney parks, and Florida is generally one of the U.S states the most hit by hurricanes.
Today sunday ( in France it's already sunday ) the situation is of course totally different and yes, tomorrow i will do an update about it and of course i will ask readers to pray for the towns and states that will be hit by Gustav.

Matt said...

I really do appreciate your understanding and appreciate the "light" you provide from the "fantasy" world to give our minds a rest from the "real" world!

Thank you Alain!