Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hurricane Lagoon

I know that you're coming on my site to get Disney news or artwork - and not "weather" news, but we are in the middle of the Hurricane season, and the situation right now is quite exceptional. And i personally think it's important to let each of you who planning to go to WDW know about it.

Right now, including Hurricane Gustav who is now a simple tropical storm - but could become again a hurricane in the next 48 hours, there is four big tropical storm in the region. A 2000 miles long "Hurricane lagoon", for real. Say like this, it looks like a joke, but it's not, unfortunately.
Remember the tropical storm i told you about some days ago and which was very probably going to transform in a hurricane? Well, that's it, it IS a new hurricane, and this one is called "Ike" .
Yes, "Ike" like Ike Eisenhower, the president of the United States.
This new hurricane is heading towards Cuba and South Florida, and is now a "force 4" hurricane.

Hurricane Hanna is also always there, but cameback to a "tropical storm". And, guess what? another tropical storm is coming right behind "Ike", and this one is called "Josephine" - who also may become a hurricane in the next days.

As you will see on the National Hurricane Center wind speed map below the three hurricane or tropical storms are arriving one behind another.
First countries to be hit will be the Bahamas, Haiti, and south-east Cuba and all our thoughts must go to them. Also, most of Florida including WDW will be trap in these hurricanes "side" effects. So, i don't know what are your plans for the next ten days, but if you're planning a sunny vacation at WDW, i would say: forget about it, unpack the luggages, and wait a little bit that the weather situation down there become less hysterical...

Photo: copyright National Hurricane Center

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