Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Changes and Improvements on Disney and more !

Editor's Note: I would like to let you know about some changes and new widgets i added on D&M: First, the image header have changed, as you've probably already noticed. Perfect picture for the Winter season! Two, the "Recent Articles" list on the right is now a widget which include not only links to recent articles, but also shows a little image for each article. You can also get the widget for yourself or your blog by clicking on "Get Widget" at the bottom.
Also new, the "Walt Disney quote of the day" at the top of the right column. Each day a new quote from Walt! Please note that i am not the one choosing the quote, it's done automatically every day by the widget's creator. We'll see if it works!
Another widget "Disney Theme Parks Time" will give you the right time in the Magic Kingdoms located in California, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Finally, i put back the D&M RSS Feeds for those of you who complain it didn't worked anymore. Now you can have your D&M alert again when i post a new article!
Let me know if you like these new little additions to the site!


Matt Hunter Ross said...

Really like all of the little additions - the quote, latest articles widget, Amazon store, and the clocks. It livens up the place. Is the PayPal link there for contributions? If so, you should add some wording there about it.

Alain Littaye said...

Hello Matt,

Yes the Paypal link is here for contributions, but i'm afraid nobody understood it! You'right, i should make it more clear...

Greg said...

Alain, the changes are looking great and I really hope you'll keep up the good work!

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