Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shanghai Disneyland wins China Central Government approval ?

The Chinese web site reports this morning that "Global entertainment giant Walt Disney Co has obtained approval from China's regulatory bodies to launch the long-awaited Shanghai Disney Park, the Shanghai-based Wen Hui Bao reported, citing sources familiar with the matter.

The sources said a press conference would be held soon in Geneva to announce the approval.

Earlier media reports said that a joint venture will be established to manage the Shanghai Disney Park, with 43% of its shares held by the U.S. company and 57% held by the Chinese side.

About RMB 24.4 billion will be invested in the first phase construction of the theme park. The park will cover an area of 10 square kilometers upon completion, 8 times larger than that of the Hong Kong Disney Park."

If it's real, it's very good news, but i suggest we wait for an official announcement before we begin to dance in the streets...

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Anonymous said...

Good news? More of a huge mistake, IMHO...

Ripley said...

Could you find some drawings or models designed for shanghai disneyland?


If the report is true, does that mean shanghai disneyland will be the second biggest park in the world?(even bigger than paris and tokyo?)

I'm a theme park lover from Taiwan(not Thailand!). I've been reading your blog almost everyday since half years ago. Thank you for those amazing drawings and pictures!

Anonymous said...

What a shame Disney is thinking of building another park while laying off hundreds of CM's at it's current parks.

Anonymous said...

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