Saturday, May 23, 2009

Disney and more will be back on June 15th... Until then, don't forget to have a look at all the great previous articles !

Editor's Note: Hello, all. I have a good news and a bad news for you today. Let's begin by the bad one: I will be on a trip until June 15th for some well-deserved vacations and there will be no new articles on Disney and more until my return. However i will keep an eye at the news and if there is a major Disney announcement, i'll try to post an article about it. Of course Disney and more stay "open" and i'm sure there is plenty of great previous articles that you will be pleased to discover. Also, when i'll be back, if everything is ready, D&M will have a slightly new design, a first step to many more changes.
However - and that's the good news - i leave you in good hands as this last article is a great interview of legendary Imagineer Tony Baxter talking about the famous Disneyland Paris Little Mermaid attraction concept!
See you very soon, and in the meantime i wish the best to all of you!


Matthrix said...

happy holidays Alain :)
i'm hurry to discover the new layout of D&M :)

Matt Hunter Ross said...

And the best to you, Alain.

Thanks for another great article, and looking forward to the new format.

Sil said...

Happy holidays, have fun!

Gilad said...

happy holidays!
enjoy it and get recharged quickly, we need you :)

Anonymous said...

Have a nice break, Alain...your blog is much appreciated. Will be looking forward to your return.

- Tasman

Jason Rasmussen said...

Have a wonderful trip! Thank you for such a wonderful blog to which I always look forward to reading. There is such a wealth of information here I still have not read it all!

Anonymous said...

Have a nice holiday and thank you so much for your wonderful blog! Awesome!