Monday, September 28, 2009

Disney launches its own Disney theme parks blog !

Say welcome to the brand new Disney Parks Blog! Disney is launching today a blog and says that "the blog will serve as a central source of information about its theme-parks division, with details about new attractions and programs, events and other news. It will strive to share information that is timely and interesting, as well as unique and not often available anywhere else."

The Orlando Sentinal added: "There has been widespread chatter in recent weeks that Disney was developing an official blog. The company has even been surveying fans in recent weeks to determine which Disney-focused websites they most frequently visit online. With the move, Disney is hoping it can steer some of the phenomenal amounts of traffic that visit unofficial sites -- such as,, The Disney Blog,, and many, many others -- to its own websites."

They could have included Disney and more in the list, too! More seriously, i'm totally fair-play with any new blog or web site and i wish them the best, really. And i even give to them the recipe of success: do great articles with pictures in good definition, find some never-seen-before WDI artwork, post great Imagineers interviews, have some scoops regularly, and most of all, do the blog for the pleasure of doing a great blog, not for making money. That's the most important, and i'm serious: people always feel what is the intention behind the act. If you don't care really about your own blog, if you do it only to send a corporate message and not with passion, readers will feel it immediately, i've always believed that.

Anyway, let's say a warm welcome to this new Disney Parks Blog and to Thomas Smith the chief blogger, have a look at it every day, and don't forget to put it in your bookmarks!

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Matt Hunter Ross said...

Nothing there will trump what you do here, Alain, though it's always a good thing when co.s give more to their audience. Kudos, Disney.

Anonymous said...

From what I just read is that they will focus on the American resorts and Disney Cruise Line. Plenty of room for Alain to cover 'our' resort in more dept. Keep up the good work and thanks for letting us know about this new blog. It's always interesting to find new sources of information on my favorite company!