Monday, October 19, 2009

Luxo Jr : Revenge of the Pixar letters !

From the College Humor site here is a really funny parody of the famous Pixar opening sequence. Remember how Luxo Jr is "crashing" the "I" of Pixar? Well, it's time for the letters to have their revenge! Don't miss it, it's not only fun but also extremely well done - as good as if Pixar did it!

Hat Tip to Blue Sky Disney and Cartoon Brew!

Video: copyright College Humor


Anonymous said...

Except, it's cruel and vicious, which you would certainly not expect from Pixar. I can see how people might think it's clever, but this is just like all those mean spirited cartoons of Disney characters done by people oveer the years. It's an easy target, and I wish that these people would spend their creativity coming up with something original, instead of attacking good and decent work.
Cruel and vicious. Cheap and nasty.

Alain Littaye said...

It's only a cartoon! A bit transgressive, but just a cartoon!