Sunday, March 28, 2010

DLP New Generation Festival Grand Opening

It was the New Generation Festival Grand Opening yesterday, with lot of VIP guests and press people and DLP marketing dept had the difficult mission to "sell" a new season with the main new attraction not opening before mid-August.

The high season is beginning early April and until the opening of Toy Story Playland the park's visitors will have only a new show on Central Plaza, a new Ratatouille car in the WDS parade and a new Princess with her prince on the Princess float of the DL parade. I forget a happening at the WDS Monsters Inc photo location, but even with that it's not a lot of new stuff.

We begin the tour by the WDS and the new car in the Stars and Cars parade. The front lot of the park have now New Generation banners, including the main shop at the entrance.

WDS guests can of course see the New Generation characters in the Stars and Cars parade, but also some from the old generation as you'll see in these next shots.

Then arrived the new Ratatouille car with Remy and Emile characters on it.

As usual with this parade all the cars went to the Production Courtyard rotunda where a little show happen during ten minutes. But this time there was a new part dedicated to Ratatouille with dancers dressed as cooks, etc...

Then the cars went back to the entrance/exit...

...but two cars turned on Hollywood Boulevard for a special photo-shoot with the Toy Story car...

...and of course the new Ratatouille car.

It was a good idea as it gave us the opportunity to have some close shots of the cars, with the driver but without the characters.

We went then to the Disneyland Park where a special meeting was organised for the web masters of DLP fans websites and Philippe Gas, DLP CEO, was there and very kindly answered to all questions. After a series of questions about the park's food Philippe answered other questions about merchandise and how the park could create special collectibles for the fans. It seems that the park is aware of the need and is working to deliver merchandise products for the fans which is indeed a good idea.

On Main Street, facades of two shops - Town Square Photography and Disney Clothiers - are under refurbishment and the park had the good idea to "print" a real size picture of each facade on a canvas instead of having the opaque white fabric they put usually during these kind of works. They did it last year on the Emporium and the effect is more esthetic and pretty cool as you can see on the pictures below.

The small train going from Main Street to the Castle was repainted once again and New Generation characters will now take place on it, as you'll see on these DLP marketing shots.

But it's on Central Plaza that DLP guests will discover the new show, with a brand new music and all New Gen characters. Is it better than the previous show? Yes it is, and it was not difficult as last year's show was a bit disappointing. This time it's not the case and the music is better too so if you come at the park, have a look at it!

Here is a two-part video of the show filmed by MrL4nd

As i've told you Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen now appear on the Princess float of the parade, here is two shots of them.

Because Toy Story Playland was not ready to show to the event special guests, DLP did a big big show last night, which was located at the stunt show arena. No cars stunts, though, but a show with projection effects, hundreds of extras, and some really artistic moments. I've been told that the park spent a lot of money on this show and the show had a standing ovation last night. Pictures below and the one at the top of this article are DLP official pictures.

And here is the official video of the show. After the video, don't forget to check my Disneyland Paris book offer below, i don't want to hurry you to order the book, but i don't have a lot of copies left, really!

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Pictures: copyright Disney and more, Matthieu Bernet / or copyright Disney, depending of the pictures.


Nicolas.D said...

Merci pour ce résumé trés complet alimenté de somptueuses images et vidéos. Un grand bravo à vous et à vos collaborateurs! Comme toujours un plaisir de venir sur Disney and more!

Anonymous said...

Et en quoi cet événement donne-t-il envie d'aller a Disneyland ? Une parade améliorée et trois attractions de fête foraine... c un peu limite quand même !

Y'a meme rien au Magic Kingdom depuis des années en terme d'attractions !

Honeymoon bed breakfast said...

We are very excited!!! I hope it's superior to Mickeys Magical Party. Disneyland is really gorgeous enough. I hope that they would focus that providing the best street amusement and more shows in the theaters that are going to sit empty all year.

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Anonymous said...

I like the new show