Wednesday, June 9, 2010

World of Color and Silly Symphony Swings Videos

That's it, the first soft opening of the highly awaited World of Color show happened and you can read a good review of the show by Sue Kruse on Mice Age. But i also supposed that you're dying to see good videos of the whole show, right? I looked for you on Youtube and it's still hard to find perfect or at least very good videos of the full show. However Inside the Magic put on line an editing of the different scenes, filmed by Disney, and here it is below. As soon as i will find a video of the full show that satisfy me be sure that i will post it on D&M.

As the wait before World of color begin can be quite long for the guests they're doing at DCA a small preshow with giant puppets, here is a video.

The other new attraction that opened recently at DCA is Silly Symphony Swings. MintCrocodile who always do very good videos filmed it recently, and the first one is at day time.

And MintCrocodile had also the good idea to film it at night, with the beautiful lighting.

Videos: Inside the Magic, JerrodDRagonPodcast, MintCrocodile

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