Sunday, August 22, 2010

A real Time Machine

Are you curious to see what was Disney and more's design in its early beginning - and how i improved it over the years? Or are you looking for an Al Lutz or Jim Hill's article posted on Mice Age or Jim Hill Media some years ago? There is a great web site for that, a real time machine - well, at least a internet time machine and it's called Wayback Machine.

It seems unbelievable, but contains "56 BILLION captures of over 10 billion web pages from as far back as 1994"! Of course if you ask a search for famous web sites like you'll be able to go more far back in time but it's an amazing tool when you're looking for an old web article that you can't find in other ways - as far as you know more or less the date of it, of course.

It's also interesting when you want to see how web sites design were improved over the years. Or, like i did some days ago, when you're looking for infos on previous electronic products. For instance, if you're an Apple fan and ask wayback machine a search for you'll be able to see not only what was the design of Apple's site back in 2000 but also what were Apple's electronics products at that time, etc...

Frankly, you should bookmark this site, it may be helpful one day, and, hey, it's not every day that you discover a real time machine, right?

How it works? Very simple, just copy and paste the url of any web site, for instance: and click on "go wayback!". You can try any of your favorite Disney web sites and when the back-in-time page will open, if you want to go further back in time you can change month day or year on the top of the page. Just try, it's fun!

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