Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shanghaî Disneyland project ready to roll...

More good news about Shanghaî Disneyland, this time from the Shanghaî Daily. A little bit more of patience and the renderings should arrive anytime soon! :

"The construction of the Shanghai Disneyland park in the Pudong New Area will kick off next month, following the closure of the Shanghai World Expo on October 31.

The land for phase one is ready for use and two of the total of seven roads planned for the project have passed checks, according to yesterday's National Business Daily.

The deadline for bids for the construction of the theme park and other support facilities is close to an end while negotiations between Chinese and United States parties are also in the final stretch, the report quoted project director Fan Xiping, deputy secretary general of the city government, as saying.

Shanghai Daily's requests for an interview about the progress of construction went unanswered by the Walt Disney Company in Shanghai yesterday.

Overseen by the Shanghai Shendi Group Co, a Sino-US joint venture that was established in August, phase one of the project will be completed by 2014, and will include a theme park and other attractions covering a total area of 1.5 square kilometers."

Full Shanghaî Daily article HERE

Text: copyright Shanghaî Daily


Marco Antonio Garcia. said...

A new resort in Shangai when they already have half a Resort in Hong Kong.
What's next? A Disney resort in Marseille?

Brian said...

Just got back from Expo 2010 - Shanghai is *massive* with 20 million people. No real connection to Hong Kong - a Disney resort will likely do extremely well there.

Do you know *exactly* where they're going to put it? I thought they'd use the Expo site but it doesn't sound like that. (The Expo site is mammoth.)