Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Steve !

It's Steve Jobs birthday, today. As you probably know Steve is facing some serious health issues and the best we can wish to him for his 56th Anniversary is to recover as quick as possible.

Who would have said 35 years ago than a young man inventing with a friend in his garage their first computer will be 35 years later at the head of the most loved electronics devices company in the world - and WDC biggest private share holder, too!

Apple Inc did a nice birthday gift to Steve today as they released this thursday the new and amazingly fast Mac Book Pros introducing, too, the "Thunderbolt" technology with which you'll be able to transfert datas at a speed up to 10 Gbps - yes, TEN GIGAS per second! Apple also released today the Beta version of the awaited Mac OS Lion, and next wednesday Apple's special event - without Steve, unfortunately - will introduce the new iPad 2. It' going to be a big week for Apple geeks...

So, Happy Birthday, Steve! And hope to see you soon!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Steve! Seems like only yesterday and still some time ago that the mocking up for your computer and keyboard housing in plastics took place. Wishing you all the best to come.