Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rare Video of Disneyland Paris Zorro Show in 1993

Three years ago i've posted the rare pictures below of the DLP Zorro show, but today - thanks to vaultdisneyreturns - you'll see an even more rare document, i.e a video of this show which happened at DLP's Frontierland only during two years after the park's opening.

In 1992-1993 Disneyland Paris guests could enjoy a "Zorro" show on the rooftop of Frontierland buildings, more specifically on the roof of the Fuente del Oro restaurant. This little show only last a few minutes each time, but the Zorro character is highly popular in France, so it was a real good idea and like it happen sometimes unfortunately with good ideas, the Zorro show ended shortly after the pictures below were shot, in August 1993.

As you can see, Zorro was fighting against soldiers - probably soldiers of the evil Monasterio commandante!

Of course, Zorro was victorious...

And before he left, he salute one last time the audience!

And now, here is this rare video showing the Zorro show on the roof of the Fuente del Oro restaurant, filmed in 1993.

The good question is: Why DLP don't put back this show again, even if it's only during summer...Only three persons were involved in the show, so it's not very expensive to produce. The main reason probably is a "licensing" problem. Apparently a company named Zorro Productions Inc owns the rights of Zorro - see their web site here - and although Disney owns the rights of their Zorro TV series they don't necessarily owns the rights foe this kind of theme park show, so perhaps DLP would have to take a license if they wanted to do the show again.

One last great news: Guy Williams who played Don Diego de la Vega / Zorro in the beloved Disney TV series will be honored at the next D23 convention as he will become a "Disney Legend".

Guy Williams died May 7, 1989, so unfortunately he won't be here in person to receive this highly deserved award, but for me he always was the best "Zorro" i've ever seen on screen.

Video: copyright vaultdisneyreturns

Photos: copyright Daniel Rous

Guy Williams picture: copyright Disney

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Anonymous said...

It's sad this show element did not continue at Euro Disneyland's Thunder Mesa or happen even at Disneyland as it was planned to show legend Disney Fronteir characters like Davy Crockett, Johnny Slaughter,Whyatt Earp and Doc Holiday, and even guest speakers like Mark Twain in the Golden Horseshoe. It's interesting when Bill Clinton's favorite movie Zorrow came out, I was excited that Disney might bring their character back to the parks which came long before Spielberg's use of it. Disney has since Tombstone produced a Daisey pot full of Westerns to pull characters from for Fronteirland's around the world. Why don't we see them as we do Pixar characters or Pirates and the Classic Mickey and friends? PD

Robert /Cologne said...

Yes it was a great show ,remember seeing it and always wondered why they stopped.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I love those Disney television series from the 1950's.

Watching them makes me wonder why is the Disney Chanel so bad nowadays...

Elena said...

Two small corrections, if I may: the Commandante is spelled Monastario and not Monasterio. I'm not sure why, since yours is the proper spelling for "monastery" in Spanish, with the "E", but it is. Also, Mr. Guy Williams did not die May 7, 1989. Rather, that is the date when his body was discovered, presumed dead for a week, at least. His official death date is recorded as being April 30th, I do believe. At least local newspapers published it that way at the time. The circumstances surrounding his passing are very strange, considering how many Argentinians claimed to be (more than) very close friends of his and yet no one telephoned him for that time period? Don't want to say more but I have read some bizarre stuff that, in this age when conspiracy theories are rampant, sadly raises unquestionable suspicions. Or rather raises tons of questions... but I'll leave it at that. Thanks for your entry.