Sunday, July 31, 2011

The John Carter of Mars you (probably) won't see next year in Andrew Stanton movie

Disney released recently the first pictures and trailer from Andrew Stanton's "John Carter of Mars" movie and it looks not that bad. Many great artists illustrated John Carter of Mars since the first release of Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, for instance Frank E. Schoonover with this original 1917 book publication cover below...

But if you were born in the 1960's, John Carter of Mars probably remember you more the great paintings of heroic fantasy master painter Frank Frazetta, like these below and on the top.

Frazetta unique style is recognizable instantly, only him put this kind of incredible "sexual animality" in the characters. For a whole generation, John Carter of Mars was synonymous of the Frazetta illustrations. And that's all the point: will Andrew Stanton characters will be as "hot" as Frazetta paintings? I wouldn't bet on that but i'm curious to see how far Disney has authorised him to go in the movie. It's supposed to be a summer blockbuster movie for all ages so i doubt that we will find this sexual animality in it.

We had a glimpse of that in the trailer and, so far, as you can see on the screen capture above, we can't say that Princess Dejah Thoris costume is as "sexy" as Frank Frazetta painted her. Not bad, but they can do better!

Pictures: copyright Frank Frazetta and Disney


DisWedWay said...

Back in the day there was Muscle Builder Magazine by Joe Weider, that showed you how to try and build those Great Frank Frazetta Gladiator like muscles you saw in his illustrations. Steve Reeves was such a roll model. Body Buider Champion Don Draper hosted the Friday night Gladiator Show that Frazetta must have loved back in the 60's. Were there really women built like that you thought as a young man? Women thought so and have anchored and competed on the TV show American Gladiator. Looking forward to seeing what Disney will do with this and how Frazetta will influence the costumes. PD

Orlando Tickets said...

Exceptional artwork. Reminds me very much of early Conan the Barbarian cover artwork.

The new John Carter of Mars trailer looks good as well, so hopefully it will delvier. They used Peter Gabriels cover of 'My Body is a Cage' which is a phenominal track. Look it up.