Saturday, July 23, 2011

Martin Scorcese's " Hugo Cabret " Trailer

Legendary and master film director finished recently his next movie which will be released this fall. The movie is called Hugo Cabret and it's the first movie "for children" ever directed by Scorcese. It's also his first one filmed in 3D and, although i begin to be tired of all these 3D movies, i will rush to see this one as i'm sure that Scorcese will use 3D at its best.

Why? First, because it's a Scorcese movie, and he is one of the last great movie master, and two, because the story is a kind of tale located in Paris in 1930 and i won't be surprised if Scorcese was paying, visually speaking, a kind of tribute to Georges Méliès, the magician and film director who invented movie special effects.

Also, don't miss in this first trailer the young boy, hero of the movie. I don't know where they succeed to find this young Asa Butterfield - who is playing Hugo Cabret - but he is a pure miracle of child innocence. "Hugo Cabret" is telling the story "of a 12-year-old orphan who lives in the walls of a Paris train station in 1930 and a mystery involving the boy, his late father and a robot". Also playing, Jude Law, Ben Kingsley, Christopher Lee, Sacha Baron Cohen and many more great actors.

Vido: copyright GK Films, Infinitum Nihil


Jones said...

Scorsese and 3D? Has the whole world gone crazy or just greedy? I´m so sick and tired of that annoying 3D look...

Alain Littaye said...

I'm just as tired as you can be of all these 3D movies which were not even filmed in 3D, but in this case it's different. Precisely because it is Scorcese who is behind the camera. And because it is a children's tale and probably a one time experience for him, i think that Scorcese will try to use 3D at its best. Well, let's hope so.