Thursday, July 28, 2011

More about Trader's Sam Tiki Bar

I'd like to talk again about the new Trader's Sam Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel - see my previous post with videos here - as it seems that it is the hidden jewel of this summer season. I mean, there was big press events for the Little Mermaid ride and Star Tours 2 but nothing special for the Trader's Sam Tiki bar. Okay, it's only a bar but since its opening news about it are not only good but extremely enthusiastic, and there are good reasons for that.

The Trader's Sam has reminiscences of the Tiki Room, the Jungle Cruise and the now extinct WDW Adventurer's Club and it seems to be a wonder of WDI perfect theming. In two words: if you go at the Disneyland Resort to experience the new rides, don't forget to go to Trader's Sam to have a drink and enjoy the theming when you will get out of the parks!

I realised that i didn't posted the WDI official rendering and you have it on the top. Below, three pictures shot by the excellent Theme Park web site who have done the best review so far about the Trader's Sam. Even better they, have an exclusive interview of WDI Imagineer Kyle Barnes that i strongly recommand you to read.

Below, from the top, an interesting picture as it is shot exactly on the same angle than the rendering above and shows the "reality". Next is a picture showing some of the great theming inside Trader's Sam, and the last one shows the volcano diorama which will erupt regularly.

Theme Park Adventure also shot a great video showing both the outside and the inside of Trader's Sam. It is embedded below and, again, don't forget to go on their site to read the Imagineer interview and to discover dozens of more pictures of this great Tiki bar!

Pictures and video: copyright Theme Park

Artwork: copyright Disney


DisWedWay said...

Kyle, Don't forget to have a spot to Honor our past Skippers, both living and "Missing in Action" with photo's or articles retrieved. The Golden Gun is a symbol used above this section. There is also a "Best Skipper of the Year" section as they battle it out each year in a competition between all the Jungles. Yes life can be a Jungle. More coming, I have to feed the Python Alice. PD

Mark Hickson said...

Everyone at D23 wants to meet me there!! I cant wait to see it...if i can get in it! LOL