Monday, July 11, 2011

"My Yard Goes Disney" TV show brings a Disneyland touch to American backyards

What if Disneyland was coming in Your backyard? That's the principle of the new "My Yard Goes Disney" TV shows. Basically, the show propose to a family, generally coming back from a Disney Park or Disney Cruise Line vacation to bring a Disney theming to their backyard. The children of the family leave the home for a week and will have a biiig surprise when they will be back. You'll note that the title of the show is "My Yard Goes Disney" and not "My Yard Goes Disneyland", may be because the backyard transformation - and although some WDI Imagineers participate at the show - is closer to a nice Disney playground than a real Disneyland experience.

Still, i'm sure that some of you would be pleased to have the Disney guys knocking at your door to transform your backyard. If you don't live in the U.S chances are that you've never seeen this new Disney show, so have a look at the videos below. And if the show reminds you another famous one in which an american family leaves his home for two weeks, just to find a gorgeous new house when they're back, it's probably not a coincidence...

Here is two short "My Yard Goes Disney" trailers...

And here is - in two parts - one full show in which a family sees his backyard transformed with elements inspired from Animal kingdom or the Jungle Cruise. If you like the show you can watch more full shows on Youtube HERE.

Pictures and videos: copyright Disney

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