Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Behind the Scenes of The Enchanted Tiki Room

Undoubtedly the very first attraction with audio-animatronic at Disneyland, the Tiki Room have Enchanted millions of guests since its opening.

Today we'll have a look behind the scenes , but first of all some images. As we know the Tiki Room is located at the entrance of Adventureland.

The attraction poster is now famous.

The video embedded two years ago in which Walt Disney introduces you to the Tiki Room secrets is now available only on Youtube but you can watch it HERE.

Here is another b&w version of this famous picture of Walt inside the attraction.

And for those of you living outside the U.S or Japan who never had the luck to see it, here is a video of the whole show by ru42

Always with a Polynesian theming, the Tahitian terrace was close to the Tiki room during many years and even share another poster with the Tiki room and the Plaza pavillion.

Finally, let's not forget the two great replicas of the Tiki bird and the Tiki drummer designed by Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily for Disney, no longer available on the site but you can find them on ebay very probably.

Photos and First video : copyright Disney

Second video by ru42 : Filming copyright ru42

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