Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Perfect Movie

I am a bit late on this one, mainly because i didn't watched it before my Hong Kong trip, but i saw tonight Joe Johnston's Captain America. And, boy, it's incredible how good this movie is. A perfect movie, really. You won't find in it even two minutes you wish it would have been deleted.

Not only the casting is perfect - whether it's the first roles or the secondary one - but they had the intelligence to choose for Captain America an actor who is not the typical "square jaws avenger". Chris Evans plays a Captain America who is indeed a patriotic super-hero but who is more intelligent first. Hugo Weaving is a perfect Red Skull and, again, each actor is perfect beginning by the great Tommy Lee Jones playing a U.S army colonel.

The other good idea is to have chosen Joe Johnston as director. Joe Johnston is the one who directed twenty years ago the famous Rocketeer movie and there is no doubt that the 1940's era is perfect for him. The 1940's historical reconstruction is fantastic - don't miss the scene during the 1940's World Expo at the beginning of the movie - and to say the least the whole production of the movie is brilliant, really.

Honor Hunter of Blue Sky Disney told you two weeks ago to "go see Captain America" and i totally agree with Honor. I'm not at all a fan of "war super-heroes" and i was not even a fan of Captain America but this movie is so good - just as good as a good Indiana Jones - that, frankly, don't miss it!

And if you stay until the very end you will even see - after the credits - the first trailer for "The Avengers" movie that will be released summer 2012, and in which Captain America will be one of the Avengers. For the Marvel fans: yes, Stan Lee also appears for a two seconds cameo as a military dignitary at a press conference!

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Anonymous said...

Will a Special Edition Toy Story feature Marvel's Captain America and the other Super hero's? Will we see them in Disney California? PD

Anonymous said...

Now wouldn't that be nice?

Jones said...

I´m just so tired of all that superhero stuff - maybe I´m too old, maybe it´s because i did not grow up with the comics - somehow the whole thing leaves me completely cold (with the possible exception of Richard Donner´s first "Superman", which has a wonderful first 60 minutes or so). Even Rocketeer (not a superhero, ok) did not really work for me - and that´s saying a lot, since it has Jennifer Connelly, and I would probably enjoy a 4 hour movie showing nothing but Jennifer reading a book... :-)

WesAlex said...

Captain America was by far the best of the superhero movies of the summer. Johnson and the cast did an excellent job of bringing this story to life on the screen. Now that Captain America has been revived and inhabits our current time, I hope that we can see him and his team in action in WWII once again. In the montage, there were many short action sequences that could be structured into movies. As for the Rocketeer, Johnson did a super job on that film. It is certainly a very, very good film. Unfortunately, as it seems with Disney, scheduling is a problem. Prince of Persia, Cars2, Winnie the Pooh come to mind immediatley.

Anonymous said...

J'arrive pas a m'enlever de la tete que Captain America est aussi la torche dans les 4 fantastiques... dommage

Alain Littaye said...

Et bien, le seul moyen de vous l'enlever de la tète et d'aller voir Captain America! Et vous n'en reviendrez pas d'à quel point c'est un autre acteur...

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I agree with you Alain, captain America is great! I wouldn't say that it is the best super hero movie ever, because I also loved the first Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk from 2008, Thor, X-Men First Class, Wolverine, and the last two Batman- I think that these were all equally great movies!

I can't wait for the Avengers, I wish that they have kept the original Avengers formation for the first movie tough, with Ant Man and the Wasp (captain America just reappears in the fourth Avengers comic), but I still think that this movie is going to be the best super heroes movie of all times.

I just wonder if they are going to bring Bucky Barnes back as the winter soldier, or as Captain America...

Kevin said...

Superhero movies are not having any quality put into them. It's just get them out fast and put quantity over quality. That's a horrible way to go. Films in the 1930's never did that. Captain America is not perfect, far from it. A bad montage in the middle, a moment where Red Skull has the most cliche bit of going to a ruined factory and clenching his teeth in anger. He might as well have had a mustache and tying someone to the railroad tracks while Dudley Do-Right strides by. The best superhero movie, as far as I'm concerned, is Tim Burton's Batman. Oh hahaha Thor told a facebook joke. No one takes the time to hire a great director for a superhero movie, and all of these films have 5 writers or more, passed from writer to writer in a desperate attempt to save it. All of these films are gonna end up in a Mystery Science Theater thing in the future. Also one of the best I thought was actually Kick-Ass, so can't wait for the sequel.

Richard Grason said...

Jones said: "I´m just so tired of all that superhero stuff - maybe I´m too old"

You're right. You're too old.

Kevin said: "Superhero movies are not having any quality put into them."

And your evidence for this is?

"The best superhero movie, as far as I'm concerned, is Tim Burton's Batman."

I loved it when it came out, but to quote you, it's far from perfect. Michael Keaton is NOT Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne doesn't look like an average Joe, he looks like a rich, handsome man that you wouldn't think would be out beating the crap out of people. As much as I love Jack, he was only playing himself, not the Joker. The film is very dated when viewing it now, compared to twenty-two years ago when I was amazed by it.

"all of these films have 5 writers or more, passed from writer to writer in a desperate attempt to save it."

If we're talking Captain America, which is what THIS post was about, then no. It has two writers. Joss Whedon came in and did a dialog polish on a couple scenes and the addition of a couple small scenes. That is no sign of desperation, almost all films have people come in and do uncredited work. Good Will Hunting was credited as being written by its two stars, but their version actually bears little to the final script. The one written by William Goldman.

The Dark Knight? Two credited with script, while Goyer got story credit.

Iron Man 2? One credit with Justin Theroux. Although a couple of people came in and did work on the script.

Yes, some films may have a lot of writers, but not all, and certainly not most. Please highlight your opinion next time or at least get your facts right before you rant.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Kevin said: "Superhero movies are not having any quality put into them."
That's not the opinion of the vast majority of critics and of the public, as just to give a few examples, the first Iron Man has a 94% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes from US top critics and have grossed USD 585 million on the box office, The dark night have the same rotten tomatoes rating and have grossed over USD 1 billion, and Captain America, has a 79% certified fresh rating.

I also lke the two Tim Burton's Batman movies, but Batman begins and The Dark Night are better movies, and in general, comic books adaptations have improved drastically in the last decade.

By the way, I really liked super 8 Alain!

Alain Littaye said...

Marco, glad you liked Super 8, i enjoyed it a lot!