Thursday, September 15, 2011

Phantom Manor , The Movie

I discovered recently this home made trailer, directed by Johan Souply for a "Phantom Manor" movie. It was posted in 2010, so i'm a bit late on this one but if you've never watched it before i recommend you to have a look at it as Johan did a real good job, specially considering that he didn't had a Hollywoodian budget at his disposal.

And, by the way, the idea of a Phantom Manor movie is not bad at all. The Phantom Manor storyline and the tragic story of Melanie Ravenswood could provide perfect elements for a long feature movie and may be someone should send the idea to Burbank Walt Disney Studios... After all, Guillermo Del Toro will shoot soon a new Haunted Mansion movie, and Disney have at least two other productions related to Disneyland in project, i.e the "Jungle Cruise" movie as well as "Magic Kingdom".

Anyway, have a look at Johan's Phantom Manor trailer and then jump to his blog HERE to learn more about him.

If the video don't work, you can watch it on Youtube HERE.

Video: copyright Johan Productions

Picture: copyright Disney


Disney Showcase Key said...

Yes, this trailer is very fun, I've seen it before.
A movie about PM ? Why not.

Maybe the after the Haunted Mansion movie from Del Toro?
This could make a good trilogy(with the others mansion stories adapted) and delight many fans of the storyline of the parks.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

That is really great! One of the best trailers I've ever seen!

Disney could make this movie as a French production, in France, with French actors and in French, because to make it as an American production would be too similar to the Haunted Mansion movie, and now Disney is making more movies in other countries, like Russia and India, and they even made a version of High School Musical in Brazil, that I did not watch and was probably terrible by the way, but it's good that the company is expanding to new markets.

Phantom Manor storyline is the best of all the Haunted Manions, and I think that, besides the lack of updates, Paris has the best version of this fabulous attraction.

DisWedWay said...

This would be a good start to develope a movie based on the Ravenswood family and the town of Thunder Mesa which he founded. There are many buried secrets that could be unearthed in a Bruckheimer film. Who is that person in the Phantom Manor's upper balcony window that peers out each time the Riverboat's slow down past the Ravenswood Family Cemetary. Who's spirit is really behind the throtle's of each Big Thunder Rail Road train as it departs? Are they the lost souls of the engineers who gave their lives to Ravenswoods mining operations. What about the Indian's Thunder God that protects Big Thunder Island from intruders and gave it it's name. Have you ever noticed the black coffin at the Thunder Mesa Railroad Freight office? It never leaves and no Ravenswood wants to claim them. Who are they? Just a few of the mystery's of Thunder Mesa and the Ravenswoods.

Anonymous said...

I sent the the idea of a Phantom Manor movie to Disney Burbank studios this week.