Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Avengers Trailer

The first Avengers trailer was released two days ago and you can watch it below.
I don't know why but i'm still not totally convinced by this Avengers movie... It probably will be fun and i'm sure that super-heroes fans will be pleased to have six of them in one movie instead of one, still i'm not sure that "more" is necessarily "better"...we'll see. But the choice of Samuel Jackson to play Nick Fury is definitely perfect.

I'm also curious to see if WDI have plans for an Avengers attraction in a Disney theme park...they probably have one and i guess that a ride using the same technology than the IOA Spiderman ride will be great for an Avengers attraction, but when and where an Avengers attraction will appear remains a secret so far!

Picture and video: copyright Marvel - Paramount Studios

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Epic! But the first Avengers movie should definitely have Henry Pym and Janet Van Dyne, after all it was Janet who gave the team its name, and Henry with his ants who first defeated Loki, as far as I can recall. Anyway I'm really looking forward to watch this movie; I think that it's going to be awesome!

And I'm sorry to disagree with you Alain, but I don't think that the choice of Samuel Jackson to play Nick Fury is definitely perfect, mainly because Nick is white in the comics. It's not being racist at all (before anyone accuses me of racism), it's just a matter of coherence. I also wouldn't like to see a blond man playing the Black Panther. For me the best casting choice is Robert Downey Jr. playing Tony Stark.