Friday, December 30, 2011

Disney Planning New Year's Eve Announcement

Apparently, if i can judge by all these clocks ticking in this video, Disney is planning an announcement for today Dec 31. Something big? Probably not, but just like me you'll be curious to know what mean this "one more Disney day". Of course i will let you know, so come back later today!

Video: copyright Disney

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David Neubauer said...

my guess: more Disney movies in HD on Blu-Ray ("more details") or the announcement of the new Fantasyland in MK ("more Magic") :-)

Anonymous said...

I think that it will be a fith gate at the walt Disney world resort :)

Mark Hickson said...

Aloha Alain! During my last trip to Disneyland (11-23-11)I chatted with the still photography crew that spent all day taking clock pictures. All they would say is that it was for a Disney TV special.
Happy New Years to my dear friend!