Monday, January 16, 2012

DLP 20th Anniversary Preview Video Introduces New Parade and Disney Dreams show !

Disneyland Paris has released an interesting 20th Anniversary preview video which shows more of the awaited Disney Dreams show as well as the new floats in the Disney Magic on Parade!. Let's have a closer look at it.

The new "Disney Magic on Parade!" will cast Disney Characters "in a fantastic new carnival especially for our 20th anniversary. Flying out from their unforgettable stories trailing light, colour, music and magic, they glide through the park’s party atmosphere, before Mickey and friends shine in a spectacular finale". Below, you'll see renderings of the new floats as well as the one for the final scene and the new Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty horse carriages.

Then the video talk about the Disney Dreams! show and Steven Davison and others WDI Imagineers are introducing the show. One of the interesting part as you will see on the video below is the 3D renderings showing where the fountains - on which will be projected animated sequences - will be installed around the castle.

You'll see also some short animated scenes, including what should be Disney Dreams! beginning with Peter Pan shadow supposedly starting the show.

We can also see a selection of the lighting - projection effects on Sleeping Beauty Castle, including fire effects and all this sounds very promising.

My feeling is that Steven Davison and his team once again have designed a fantastic show which will be played each day during DLP 20th Anniversary and, good news, which is also here to stay in the future! As i suppose that by now you're dying to watch the video, here it is, and see you soon for more news about the Disney Dreams! show!

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Pictures and video: copyright Disney


SP said...

Thanks for making the screens caps, I was too lazy to stop the video when I first saw it.
When you look closely to the 3D renderings of the show, you can see how tall will the fountains be and when you compare then to the water screens, it's funny (a bit disappointing maybe) to see how small those will look like...
Anyway, I'm sure this is going to be a GREAT show ! Far far from WOC but still a lovely one for our park :)

simmy25 said...

I love that this is the first show to incorporate the castle projections used in "magic, memories and you" but without the ugly pictures

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

This Disney Dreams show is going to be spectacular!!! The castle projections are exclellent in the "magic, memories and you" at the Magic Kingdom, but I agree that the pictures are not nice. To use this technology in the way they're going to use it is going to be really something! And to combine it with the World of Color fountains, in front of the castle, is going to be a must see!

By the way, Disney Dreams is also the name of a play in the Disney ships, which begins with Peter Pan and a girl, and after goes through the major songs from the animated classic Disney films- I wonder if that play was the inspiration for the show...

Regarding the parade, to be honest I don't like parades, excluding the Electrical Parade, that I think will always be Disney's best.

Disneyland Tickets said...

This looks great! Can't wait to see it. Looking forward to going later this year.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the costumes look like TDS 10 anniversary's one.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the who composed or what the background music is in this awesome video...?