Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Disney and More Time Machine : Back on April 12, 1992 - Disneyland Paris Grand Opening

Where were you on April 12, 1992? Some of you were watching the event on their TV, the luckiest one were invited at the party, and some of you were may be too young to know what the words Disney theme park means. But for many people all over Europe, the Grand opening of EuroDisney - that was the name of the park 17 years ago - on April 12, 1992 was for sure a memorable day.

And what a memorable evening! Today, as another memorable day is ending, the Disney and more Time Machine takes you back in time on this April 12 evening thanks to the DLP opening show. As the majority of my readers speak english, the TV grand opening show you will see below is the British one - I believe each country had its own show with their own anchor men, even if the filming of the show itself was the same for everybody. The show is interesting too because it shows the park as it was on opening day. Some elements don't exist anymore, specially some of the "streetmospheres" as they call it. The Main Street Keystone cops, other street orchestras, the Lucky Nugget show or the Frontierland shooting are gone unfortunately forever! You'll see also an interview of Roy Disney and Frank Wells, some filming of the Buffalo Bill Wild West show, and many more!

One of my favorite emotional moment happen on the first part below when a children choir sings "When you wish upon a star". If you look carefully, at precisely 10 min 19 sec, on the top left of the image you'll see a young black girl. If you look in her eyes, you'll see all the dazzler of the world. For her, it was definitely the most magical day of her life, you can feel it, literally. I have tears in my eyes each time i see this moment...Pure childhood wonder, pure innocence, pure magic. Don't miss it! And, of course, enjoy the show!

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Daily Motion video many thanks to djf06 !

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I wasn't there in the opening day, but went soon after, in the summer of that same year (1992).

I was a child and immediately fell in love for the park, I had visited before WDW and DL, but Euro Disney was my favorite theme park after my first visit.

All the people I talked to at the time, when I said that Euro Disney was my favorite park, could not believe me, they kept saying how it was so small, didn't have much to do, that WDW was so much better... especially the French people that I talked to. I never understood that, it was such a beautiful and perfect park.