Sunday, March 25, 2012

Disneyland Mark Twain and Railroad rides as seen from the pilots point of view

We've all been aboard the Disneyland Mark Twain and the Disneyland railroad but how does it look like when you have the unique point of view that the Mark Twain and Disneyland railroad pilots have? These two videos released by Disney Parks will give you the answer and the first one is shot from the Mark Twain pilothouse with pane windows offering a 360-degree view of the Rivers of America.

And on this next one you'll be able to see the point of view from the Disneyland railroad E.P. Ripley locomotive!

The beautiful Mark Twain picture at the top was shot by my good friends of the Tours Departing Daily web site that i always recommend to visit daily as they post each day gorgeous HDR pictures of Disneyland or Disney California Adventure!

Picture: copyright Tours Departing Daily

Videos: copyright Disney


DisWedWay said...

The Mark Twain shot with those great clouds is my favorite and would gladly put it on my screen saver.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Very nice, thanks for posting!

Andrew guibor said...

I had the chance to Go up there withy little sister which she steered the boat