Friday, March 30, 2012

DLP 20th Ann Disney Dreams Show - First Video !

A Disney Dreams! cast-member premiere happened last night and today Le Parisien has posted a video which will show you the very first (good) images of DLP 20th Anniversary show. It looks really good and comments from those who have seen it last night are excellent!

Now, if all goes fine you should be able to see the entire 19 minutes show tomorrow evening as DLP will broadcast LIVE the show press event premiere! I can't guarantee that the show will be available for all countries but you have nothing to loose to try. So, this saturday March 31 around 10.30 european time (9.30 U.K time) go either on DLP Youtube channel HERE or on the Mytf1 website HERE

Steve Davison who created the show wrote on his Facebook page: “Tonight we completed the final programming of DISNEY DREAMS! It was a lot of work and I can never thank the production team enough for all their efforts. This was a very diffucult show to create/produce, but everyone stuck with it and gave it their all! Thanks Team Dreams! Whew! We’re all very excited to premiere the show.“

Pictures: copyright Disney

Video: copyright Le Parisien - Disney


Anonymous said...

Looks really well done. Nice creative use of the technologies for this show. Bravo Disneyland Paris.
Happy 20th.


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

It looks really beautiful. What a great show!

DisWedWay said...

Alain, Looking forward to the start of the 20th Anniversaty of EDL/PDL. To quote Carly Simon, Nobody does it better!

Anonymous said...

My god!!! Have you noticed the Disney animations featured on the castle? They seem to have been made in China. The Huntchback, the monkeys from the Jungle book, ...etc. They are terrible. A shame!!! This is supposed to be THE attraction for the 20th Ann. It should be perfect. Moreover, their is a lack of fluidity.
Very disappointed. But not surprising. The Walt Disney Company still refuse to invest money in the 2 french parks. These parks are dying. We should have had a e- ticket attraction for the 20 th Ann. We just have an animated show on a building ... Moreover, Mapping projections shows are now often featured all over the world. A SHAME to offer this for the 20th Ann.