Friday, April 20, 2012

Transformers Ride now in Soft-Opening at Universal Hollywood !

If you're living in South Cal and more specially in the L.A area i have a great news for you as according to Screamscape it seems that soft-openings for the Transformers ride have began at Universal Hollywood! So, you might take your chance to ride this incredible ride before its Grand Opening on May 25th and if you do so i count on you to let us know in the comments how awesome (or not) it was! In the meantime you'll find below a new preview video showing a bit of the making of the ride.

The good guys of Mice Age had a special preview and were the first people on the ride when it opened to guests yesterday. In addition, they were allowed to actually walk the entire length of the track last week, before the ride began employee previews. They have some stunning photos you won't see anywhere else and you can read their report HERE.

And for those of you who can't go to Universal Hollywood, here is the on-ride video. And no need to say that if you intend to go at Universal Studios in a near future or simply want to keep the surprise it's better to don't watch this on-ride video!

Picture and video: copyright Universal Studios


spajadigit said...

I rode it 9 times during the cast preview night. I thought it was pretty amazing, although in typical Universal fashion, they move you through the action so quick, it took a couple of ride throughs to actually understand everything that was going on. I loved the fact that for the first time, you can actually see how big the robots are in relation to you... I mean, you know they're big, but they're in the correct scale and when Optimus hunkers down to thank you for protecting the all-spark, you understand how huge he really is.

The experience itself is pretty remarkable and they do a great job simulating fast action even though the vehicles themselves only top five miles an hour. The final fall is pretty amazing because you really are on a lift dropping back to the first floor!

I'm not a huge fan of the movies (although I still have most of my transformers toys from the 80's) but as far as rides go, this pretty much shows how far Disney has fallen in the innovative ride systems race. Between this and the Forbidden Journey, I'm really hoping the Imagineers have something new up their sleeves for the future.

Brian said...

What kind of vehicles are in the ride? Is it like Indiana Jones Temple or Robot arms like Harry Potter ride?

Alain Littaye said...

No, it's not Kuka robot arm like in the Harry Potter ride, the vehicles are closer to the ride system used for Indiana Jones, although they are different. They're almost the same than the vehicles used in the Spiderman ride at IOA.