Sunday, May 20, 2012

DLP Update : Meet Mickey - "Rencontre avec Mickey" - Now Open at DLP Fantasyland ! - Updated with new Pictures and Video

Yesterday's article about Disneyland Paris was all about something going wrong in the park restaurants, and today's article will put a weight on the other pan of the scale as the long awaited "Meet Mickey" is now open at Fantasyland. Works to transform what was the Fantasyland Festival Stage were quite long but as you will see on the video below the final result worth the wait!

Honestly, i think that DLPI Imagineers did a real good job in the transformation of the Fantasyland Festival Stage. For what i can see on the video it looks elegant and the theming is very good. My only concern is that the whole decor have a kind of style that you probably expect to find more in Main Street than in Fantasyland, but that's not a big problem.

The meeting itself with Mickey is short of course but, again, Mickey's dressing room looks very well themed. During the wait before the meet with Mickey guests can watch eleven classic Mickey cartoons, alternatively in french or english, and the loop apparently last 40 minutes which should be fine. Apparently these are shorter versions but had a 5.1 remix and the surround effects as well as the animated short definition is excellent.

From what i've read this new Meet Mickey version looks much better than the "Backstage Magic with Mickey Mouse" in Florida but it's a bit a pity that - probably for cost reasons or too many different European languages - DLP didn't took the opportunity to introduce the great "talking Mickey" as they did in Florida. However, although it's not really an attraction as there is nothing to ride i think that this new meet and greet location was done with the genuine magic touch that WDI Imagineers only can put when they create something new in a Magic Kingdom.

During the short meeting with Mickey, DLP guests - as you will see on the video below - can film or take pictures but a DLP photographer is also there to shoot a digital picture that guests can buy at the exit. The only problem is the pictures price and many guests will probably find it a bit high - 1 picture: 15€ ( $19 ! ) - 3 pictures : 25€ ( $30 ! ). I'll be curious to know how many they will sell per day at this price... That said, no one is forced to buy one if they don't want, so just make sure your have enough battery in your camera when you'll get inside this new great looking place to meet with Mickey. And now, discover the real thing with this video filmed by Jess21070609, whom i thanks a lot.

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Photos: copyright Romain / Disney Gazette, DLRP-Welcome

Video: copyright Jess21070609


Anonymous said...

I think someone forgot to pack Mickey's family photo's of his kids and girlfriend and buddy Donald. I dont see them in his dressing room here. PD

Anonymous said...

It would also be great to see a framed John Hench poster of Mickey with Walt, and some of his past starring movie posters back to Steamboat Willie. PD

M[] said...

"My only concern is that the whole decor have a kind of style that you probably expect to find more in Main Street than in Fantasyland" I think that that is the case because it's very similar to Magician Mickey on Main Street Opera House on the Magic Kingdom, the only thing is that there are no short cartoons to watch on the MK, and I think that the shorts are a great addition to make the wait time much more pleasant.

By the way, I didn't see the talking Mickey on the Magic Kingdom (I've been there last December and the magician Mickey was the same one from these pictures).