Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Disneyland Paris Update : World of Disney, Ratatouille Ride

A short Disneyland Paris update today, thanks to DLRP Welcome who kindly sent me these new pictures of the World of Disney Store, opening July 12 at the entrance of the Disney Village area.

All are night shots and you will see a bit more of the decor inside the store as well as the illuminated dome with Tinkerbell on the top and the Mickey and Minnie statues located outside the store. The merchandise products are of course not yet in place on the shelves, but don't worry, they should arrive anytime soon!

Not so far, at the Walt Disney Studios, a second crane arrived on the Ratatouille site, which means that there is now two cranes and it should be enough to convert those who still doubt that the ride will be built, even if there has been no official announcement yet.

That said, some fans are really talented and specially Johan who created what we can consider as "the first non-official Ratatouille ride teaser", as you will see below. Very well done, specially considering that it was not done with a Disney budget! Congrats, Johan!

RATATOUILLE : La nouvelle attraction de... by johan_production

World of Disney Pictures: copyright DLRP Welcome

Video: copyright Johan

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Robert /Cologne said...

Wow that video is really nice ,they should use it

Anonymous said...

Is there any rumor about what the name of the ride will be?
"Ratatouille The Ride", "Ratatouille Nightmare"?

I hope it will be a more ingenious name :)

Alain Littaye said...

Yes, it's supposed to be called: Ratatouille Kitchen Calamity (no kidding!).

Anonymous said...

Ufff It think that the naning is not good :)