Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brave "Temple Run" Special Edition

Disney Mobile’s newest iOS game inspired by Pixar upcoming animated "Brave" will be released on June 14th and chances are that it's going to be a huge hit on the iTunes Appstore. Here is why, and as you will see the guys of Disney Mobile have been pretty smart on this one.

Last year an iOs game called "Temple Run" was released and became almost instantly a huge success - right now the game has been uploaded 80 million times and there is 16 million daily active users!
Why Temple Run was so successful? Well, i've downloaded it a few months ago and i enjoyed it so much that i even intended to do a post about it because this is a game that all of you Adventureland fans will love! Temple Run is amazingly easy to play, so easy that it's almost stupid (!), and it's pretty addictive too. But most of all Temple Run is obviously paying tribute to one of the most famous adventurer of all time: Indiana Jones.

Now, you all remember this famous Raiders of the Lost Ark opening scene, when Indy stole the idol and run out of the temple to save his life? Well, that's what Temple Run is all about: running for your life with a stolen idol, chased by evil apes! All you have to do is to run, avoid the obstacles, slide under the trees or jump over, collect as many as possible golden coins that you find on your run, and this as long as possible - the longer you run without falling or be catched by the apes, the best your score is. Looks pretty simple doesn't it? Well, it's almost as simple as that, and the good news is that Temple Run is a FREE game on the appstore.

All the graphics have a great Indy style and when you fall, the next page - depending if you unfortunately fall in the swamp or another way - also has a funny ironic artwork over the score...

Now, what is the link in all this with Brave, you ask? I'm going to tell you all about it but first, have a look at this short video showing Temple Run in action, it's important for what will follow.

So, the guys at Disney Mobile saw Temple Run and almost instantly understood how they could adapt the game for Pixar's Brave. And that's what happened, on June 14th a "Brave edition" of Temple Run will be released on the Appstore. The game and its rules will be exactly the same: run for your life! Except that here the "Indy" character is replaced by Merinda, the evil apes by a ferocious demon bear named Mordu - who had attacked an encampment of the royal family when Merida was a little girl - and the temple / tropical / swamp decor by a scottish forest / grotto / ruins landscape.

Just like in Temple Run you'll have to collect as much coins as possible, and you'll also be able to enable an "invisibility" or "coin magnet" power up. However, since Merida is an archer, while you’re running along you’ll come across special archery sections. Targets appear on either the left or right of the environment and must be tapped to shoot an arrow into them. Hit all the targets in a section in a row and you’ll earn a bonus and this is adding an additional element of strategy while you play, which didn't existed in the original Temple Run.

Want to have a closer look at this Brave Temple Run edition? Here is a video, and you'll see how this Brave edition use the same principles than Temple Run. Now, although the original is free on the Appstore the Disney - Pixar "Brave" edition won't be ( what a surprise! ) but it will cost only 99¢ when the game will hit the App Store on June 14th. In the meantime you can download the free original Temple Run game and you'll understand instantly why Disney Mobile is gonna make a lot of money with this Temple Run "Brave" special edition!

If the video above don't work here is a another one, the game trailer.

Pïctures: copyright Imangi Studios, Disney - Pixar

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