Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Peter Pan Prequel Movie on Its Way ?

Apparently Disney intend to produce a Peter Pan prequel movie - and i mean a real movie, not animated. As the Deadline web site revealed recently: "Disney has hired writer Jesse Wigutow to adapt the best-selling children’s novel, "Peter and the Starcatchers", the 2004 book published by Disney’s Hyperion which gives the backstory for the iconic Peter Pan character.

Co-authored by Dave Barry and Ridley Pierson, the book has become a hot property, with the current Broadway adaptation having just nabbed nine Tony Award nominations, including Best Play. Peter and the Starcatchers is the first in a series of books by the authors, giving franchise potential to the project". According to The Hollywood Reporter it's Gary Ross (Hunger Games) who should direct the movie.

I didn't read the book, but may be one of you did and can let us know in the comments how good it is - or you can read reviews about it on Amazon HERE.. And of course we will also keep an eye on this upcoming movie.

Picture: copyright Hyperion


Dominique Mol said...

Actually someone beat them to it, since the prequal story already aired in a superb version , it was made by the Syfy network and aired as a mini-series (2 episodes) check out the trailer right here:

Anonymous said...

I've read this book and seen the Broadway production and I believe it would make a great film! I only hope they keep much of the Broadway cast of characters and not go with "celebrity" stars for publicity.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

That is great news!

I love Peter Pan and I think that the character has a lot of potential for great movies, even though I haven't read the book.

And I'm sure that Disney can do much better than an almost unknown made for TV movie.

I also loved the 2003 Peter Pan movie with Jason Isaacs , Jeremy Sumpter and Rachel Hurd-Wood.

Disney need to make Peter Pan more relevant for the newer generations, and boys need to have a character that they love in the Parks. So I think that it's about time Disney make a movie more focused on the young male public.