Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First Digital Artworks of Dreamworks Shanghaî Dream Center ?

Are these two "night and day" digital pictures showing the Dreamworks Shanghaî Dream Center announced yesterday? Not sure... According to the pictures caption: "Photo taken on August 6, 2012 shows a design sketch of Oriental DreamWorks at night in Shanghai, East China's municipality. The construction of Oriental DreamWorks, a joint venture set up by DreamWorks Animation and Chinese partner, will start in Xuhui district on the west bank of the Huangpu River on August 7, 2012. Oriental DreamWorks will be the flagship company at a new media center for film, TV production and digital entertaiment."

So although it seems to be located in Shanghaî Xuhui district like Shanghaî Dreamworks Dream Center is supposed to be, it might be pictures showing the new Dreamworks China animation studios but not the "entertainment zone" itself. Or may be it shows the real thing, and in this case it means that the Dream Centre will be a waterfront entertainment zone which will simply include some attractions, which will explain why Katzenberg spent a lot of time yesterday to explain that it won't be really a theme park. Have a look at these two pictures anyway and if you've missed yesterday's article announcing this big news you'll find it HERE.

Pictures: copyright Oriental DreamWorks-Xinhua

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

If this is the "real thing" I don't know how they're going to spend over USD 3 billion to build it, especially in China.