Monday, August 6, 2012

Mission to Mars

Curiosity, the largest and most advanced robot vehicle ever sent to another planet, succeeded its extraordinary landing Sunday night on Mars. May be it don't look like but the success of this new NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory $2.5-billion mission is amazing. Why? because Curiosity is a huge robot, three meters long, more or less the size of an Austin Mini, and sending such a huge robot vehicle which weight 900 kilos at 250 millions kilometers from Earth and have it landing perfectly on another planet was not so obvious. In tribute to this amazing success today's article will tell you how a legendary astronaut became a WDI Imagineer.

As for Curiosity, don't miss my article about it on my Innoventions Blog HERE where you'll see a great NASA video showing you this "Mission to Mars". And it's narrated by William Shatner - Star Trek Captain Kirk himself!

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