Thursday, September 13, 2012

Don't Miss on Mice Age Garner Holt's Top Ten Audio-Animatronics Figures

Mice Age has a great article today from Audio-Animatronic master Garner Holt that you don't want to miss. Garner Holt Productions is the company which is now doing most of the Audio-Animatronics figures for Walt Disney Imagineering. So, Garner Holt, who is creating Audio-Animatronics since thirty years is a man who know what he is talking about! And today in his Mice Age article he tell us what are his top ten favorite animatronic figures!

You can discover Garner Holt's top ten Animatronics choice HERE but just before you make the jump and read Garner's article here is two videos showing two less known Audio-animatronics which are part of his choice. The first video below is the full show of Alec Tronic ( No 3 in Garner Holt's choice ) which was performing at Epcot Innoventions and amazingly programmed by Dave Feiten. It was a "A-100 character, the Rolls Royce of Disney animatronics".

And the next one ( No 2 in Garner's choice ) is coming from Garner Holt Productions and is the amazing "Wendell the animatronic unicyclist", "The first and still the only animatronic figure to acutally ride a unicycle without any visible means of support, Wendell has been wowing audiences around the world since his 1989 debut".

Again, don't miss Garner's "Top Ten Animatronics" article on Mice Age HERE!

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