Monday, October 1, 2012

Epcot Opening Celebration, Oct 1982 : The Original CBS Show

Today Epcot is celebrating its 30th Anniversary and Disney and more wishes a great anniversary to Epcot! Thirty years ago, on October 1st Epcot was opening its gates and had a tremendous Grand Opening Celebration. CBS did at that time a fantastic television special hosted by legendary actor-singer-comic Danny Kaye. Epcot dedication was done by Disney CEO Card Walker ( picture above ) and lot of special guests appear in the show, including legendary NASA Astronaut Alan Shepard!
As most of us were not there on Epcot opening day and probably some of you not even born, i've found back for you on Youtube the video, and this great show is also a unique chance to see some rare shots of WDI Imagineers at work on the making of Epcot as well as clips of Epcot's original attractions, some of them now unfortunately extinct! Don't miss it, and again, happy 30th celebration to Epcot!

Video: copyright CBS - Disney

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Anonymous said...

This is fantastic. I have this entire show dub in Spanish (I'm from Mexico) and I most have seen it hundreds of times. My family use to make fun of me on how often I'd watch.
Then one day I decided to work there. And I did.
I still watch the show today and makes me just as happy as the first time.
Happy Birthday EPCOT.