Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Iron Man 3 Trailer !

Disney released the very first Iron Man 3 trailer as well as the poster above. The trailer looks not bad at all, i have the feeling this Irom Man 3 might be better than the no 2... Have a look, and the trailer is in english with french subtitles!

Picture and Video: copyright Disney - Marvel

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Both the movie and the poster looks pretty good!

I only have some small "problems" with them.

First of all, why is the Mach 1 suit in his house? It was a hand built, improvised armor that was made by Tony to escape from his captors in the first movie; it only lasted for a few minutes and it was completely destroyed after the scape and the pieces were left in the desert.

Also, if Iron Man is facing a major threat, why didn't he call the other Avengers for help, since the team has been formed already?

Finally, I think that they should be more creative and not make the villain wear an armor, similar to he Iron Man one, again...