Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Will WDI use these new LG IPS Monitors for in ride special effects ?

LG has released a video to introduce their new LG IPS Monitors supposedly having great clarity and color, at least enough to scare people in this elevator sequence. It's not Tower of Terror but almost for each of them entering the elevator. If it's not a fake, there is no doubt that it's a good visual trick that WDI could use during a ride if they hadn't done yet an attraction involving an "elevator"! But they might find another way to use these in the future...have a look!

Video: copyright LG


Stijn said...

It's fake. Not only can you see the reflection of a green screen on the railing at 1:26, it's quite obvious that it's all post-production when you notice how the perspective of the tv's changes with the camera angles. LG seems to think their customers are stupid.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the spoof Alton Towers pulled to promote Thirteen!