Monday, November 12, 2012

Disneyland Paris Christmas Event Special Report - Part One

Disneyland Paris had its annual Christmas event this week-end and as promised i have a full pictorial report for you. I couldn't attend the event but Max, from DLRP Welcome and D&M contributor was there and covered the event for Disney and more. The weather was not very good until the middle of the afternoon with a kind of "snow sky" in the morning but he did his best!

There we go, and as usual we begin by the park entrance and Main Street Station with the new Christmas decorations.

But first, here is a picture of the Christmas event credential that each person invited had to show to enter some reserved areas during the event. Below, invited guests and VIP arriving in the Disneyland Paris Hotel lobby.

Okay, let's go in the park!

DLP Christmas tree stands a usual on Town Square.

In Main Street U.S.A, Christmas garlands awaits DLP guests.

Entering Central Plaza where snow men characters are now in place in front of the castle.

In Fantasyland, guests could meet and greet with Belle at the entrance of the Christmas village.

Meanwhile, in the back of Frontierland, while guests ride Big Thunder Mountain...

... children of all ages can meet the one and only Santa Claus!

Nearby, the Disneyland Paris Railroad is making a stop at Frontierland Depot.

But it's time for everyone - including Santa - to join the new "Christmas Cavalcade" parade!

As i told you yesterday this new and merry Christmas Cavalcade parade has four different floats which include one looking like a toy box with Buzz and Woody, one with Santa Claus on his christmas sleigh, one float with the elfs and deers and one with Mickey and his friends. 

The official story-line is: "Santa Claus and his elfs have worked all year long to create the toys for all children of the world and are proud to present them at Disneyland Paris. In a brand new parade Santa Claus will  be surrounded by puppets, wooden soldiers and plenty of other toys who came alive by magic. Several times per day they will be on Main Street U.S.A to dance in a merry parade with the happier christmas songs. As a surprise never come alone Mickey, Minnie and their friends will join the party to wish from the top of their christmas float a happy christmas to DLP guests."

Max also filmed the Christmas Cavalcade which happen several times per day when it was on its way back, this time from Town Square to Fantasyland! 

At Discoveryland Videopolis Mickey was also the conductor of the Jingle Bells Boys orchestra, playing of course Christmas themes!

At 6pm it was time for the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony on Town Square and Max also filmed all of it!

But we're not done yet as at 7pm the Christmas event private party was about to begin, something that only Christmas event guests could attend. Don't miss the article part two tomorrow to discover what regular guests haven't seen last saturday, including the Disney Christmas Wishes show and fantastic pictures of the park at night! You're invited to share this magical evening and even the private dinner as we have exclusive shots of it - if you ever wondered how are the special events dinners you'll know tomorrow! 

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Pictures and Videos: copyright Disney and more - DLRP Welcome, Disney

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