Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Disneyland Paris Christmas Event Special Report - Part Two

Here is the part two of the special report on Disneyland Paris Christmas event that happened last week-end, and let's thanks again Max, from DLRP Welcome and D&M contributor which was there and covered the event for Disney and more. 

This time, we will have a look at what happened during the evening when regular guests were not anymore in the park. But first, if you want to add some sound and read the article while listening to Main Street U.S.A Christmas loop music - the same one that DLP guests can hear while they walk towards the castle - click on the Youtube video below. It's not a video, it's just music, so you can click on it and then continue to read the article while the music is playing.

The previous article ended with the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony and the private party began at 7pm. Thanks to the press credentials special event guests could enjoy Frontierland and Discoveryland main attractions and at 8.15 there was a special show called "Disney Christmas Wishes" with the participation of children, Disney characters, singers, and projections on the castle. For the first time a special projection transformed Sleeping Beauty castle in a giant Christmas tree!

Max also filmed the whole show and here is the video. Note that the show itself begin around 3.45min in the video.

It was then time for the special event dinner. In Disney special events, considering the number of guests, dinners are organized in several restaurants and some guests have tables reserved in a specified restaurant, others in another one, etc... For the press/websites guests the dinner was organized inside Frontierland's Cowboy Cookout Barbecue. 

As those of you who have never been part of Disney special events may wonder how are the special events dinners i asked Max to shot some pictures and the pictures below will give you an insider look at the buffet. Note that the pictures were shot by Max at the start of the dinner when all the guests were not arrived yet at the restaurant. Guests were greet with a special drink. Food and drinks are generally extremely good during these special events dinners. And of course free.

Hey, even Donald and Uncle Scrooge were there!

After the dinner it was time to come back to the hotels were guests were invited for sleep - in the case of Max it was the New York Hotel. As regular guests were not in the park anymore it was also a unique chance to see the park with no crowds and here are some pics of an "empty" Frontierland at night.

On the way to Main Street a last look at Sleeping Beauty castle with its Christmas lighting.

We will end with a series of great pictures of Main Street and Central Plaza at night, with the Christmas decorations.

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Pictures and Videos: copyright Disney and more - DLRP Welcome, Disney

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