Friday, November 30, 2012

Disneyland Paris Frontierland Video

David Goebel just posted a short but great video on Youtube showing DLP Frontierland. Those of you who've never been at Disneyland Paris will discover the "spirit" of Frontierland and Thunder Mesa. What i like in the video is not only the filming but also the editing which makes you feel the life on the Rivers of the Far West just like if you were in the real West. The part on Phantom Manor is still missing footage of the ride itself but it's a work in progress which will be edited in the near future and David of course plans to add shots of the ride.

And by the way, talking about Frontierland you'll find above this great aerial shot done by aerial pictures master Yann Arthus Bertrand. You have it in giant size in my Disneyland Paris "From Sketch to Reality book" on a spectacular double page! I remind you that there is a special Christmas offer on the book right now at 85€ for a collector copy instead of 120€, don't miss it!

Video: copyright David Goebel

Picture: copyright Yann Arthus Bertrand - Altitude
More infos about the Disneyland Paris book on the book website HERE , including a video showing you the whole book!

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Enrique Pastor said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! i'd love to see it in HD

David G said...

Thank you! Unfortunately I lost quite a big part of my Frontierland HD source files in a hard disk crash so unless I manage to find them on some old backup disk this is the best I can upload for now. Most of the lost files were from the Keelboats so it looks like I won't be able to reshoot either. Sorry!