Sunday, November 4, 2012

Frankenweenie Review

Frankenweenie is now released in European and Asian countries, i watched it two days ago, and personally i loved it. I think it's a real charming movie who also pay great tributes to classic horror films from Frankenstein to Godzilla, and many others. For me, it's also one of the best Tim Burton's movie since quite a while, and probably because it's a film without pretentiousness. I mean, obvioulsly the goal was to do a movie with a lot of simplicity - in the good meaning of the word - and also to find back some childhood innocence. On all these points Tim succeed perfectly, as well as the animation, and all this wih a sumptuous black and white.

All the characters are great and you will probably have your favorites, but mine are the character named Edgar 'E' Gore... well as the professor Rzykruski inspired by the great Vincent Price, with the voice of the also great Martin Landau!

But, to say the truth, all the characters are good, beginning of course by the young Victor and of course his beloved dog Sparky. Go and watch it with a childhood soul, and you will love it!

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I also loved it Alain, and I completely agree with your review! It helps that I'm also a fan of classic horror, Sci-Fi and "B" movies, and they pay tribute to many of them like Wolf Man, the Mummy, Godzilla, Dracula, bride of Frankenstein, and many classic horror actors like Boris Karloff (I think that a friend of Victor, the one who has the tiny dead pet, looks a lot like Karloff), Vincent Price...

I consider it to be the best Tim Burton animation since A Nightmare Before Christmas; I wouldn't say the best overall movie though, because I also loved Dark Shadows.