Sunday, November 18, 2012

Let's End The Week With a Stunning Close-Up Magic Act

If you're a faithful D&M reader you know that i post regularly some good magic acts when i find a stunning one. The one that i post today is done by a great master in "close up magic", Rene Lavand, performing here a memorable one called "It Can't Be Done Any Slower". It's a famous close up magic act also known as "Oil and Water".

But all the beauty here is in how Rene Lavand is doing it. Not only he do it incredibly slowly - so normally allowing anyone to see where the trick is - but also with ONE hand only. And there is a good reason for that as Lavand, who is from Argentina and now 84, had a car crash accident when he was nine years old and can't use his right hand. Now, ask any magician and he will tell you that "oil and water" is already difficult to do with two hands, but doing it with one hand only and with such a slow pace is simply unbelievable, only a great master can do this.

I had to watched it several times to find the trick. You can find it if you take the time, it looks simple but to do it as perfect as he does is not simple at all, believe me. And wait for the "prestige", the finale of the tour called a "Faro shuffle" which, here again, is extremely hard for most magicians with 2 hands. The idea of doing a Faro one-handed is beyond amazing. 

Some great books about René Lavand have been written, and i just learned that the second book - for magicians! - is called "Mysteries Of My Life" and was written by Richard Kaufmann who is also a faithful Disney and more reader! Those of you who are interested you can find it HERE.

Video: copyright World's Greatest Magic

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