Thursday, February 28, 2013

First D23 Expo Japan To Be Held At Tokyo Disney Resort Next October

Lucky japanese who will have their first D23 Expo in Japan next October! D23 Expo Japan will be held at Tokyo Disney Resort from Oct. 12 through 14, 2013 "featuring presentations by senior Disney creative executives showcasing what’s on the horizon from across The Walt Disney Company, including theme parks, movies, television, music and interactive gaming". 

"Fans will also be able to enjoy unique experiences including having the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind merchandise, meeting many of their favorite Disney characters and other specials. Expo ticketing and programing information will be announced soon".


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

It's very good news that D23 is becoming international!

Maybe now they can focus on properly delivering the magazine to foreign members. I'm a charter D23 member from Brazil and I still haven't received the fall issue magazine from last year, even though I have already complained a dozen times!

Anonymous said...

This is GREAT news! It means one day it may come to DLP! :)