Saturday, February 2, 2013

Haunted Mansion Holiday Version HD Video

Disneyland Haunted Mansion is now back in its "normal"version but the good guys of ThemeParkHD have filmed a fantastic video of this year's Haunted Mansion Holiday version and you should have a look at it as it is the best video i've seen so far. Make sure to watch it in full screen mode and to choose the 1080P  definition!

Picture: copyright TheHatboxGhost - Mice Chat


orbitalpunk said...

You can compare it to my version made 3 years ago. Hard to find differences.

orbitalpunk said...

See if you can find any differences from my version made 3 years ago.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Even though I'm a really big fan of Tim Burton and Nightmare before Christmas, I don't like what they do with the HM between October and early January.

My reason for not liking it is that I think that they desecrate a classic attraction that should keep its theme throughout the year.

I think that it was very nice to add the floating Leota and other new effects, classic attractions needs updates from time to time, but to completely alter it I think that it's almost a heresy.

Besides, most times I go to DL are between October and early January, so I really miss the original HM version, as all the time I go there the Mansion is either in its Nightmare version or closed for removing it.

They should do a new Nightmare attraction and leave the Mansion alone! But the video is nice anyway, thanks for posting!