Saturday, February 9, 2013

" Pirates Paradise " , Best Non-Disney Themed Restaurant in France ?

I discovered recently a "pirates" themed restaurant located in the south of France at the Odysseum in Montpellier. Called "Pirates Paradise" the restaurant apparently opened two years ago so i'm a bit late on this one. But the real surprise was to see how good the theming is. Not only it's very well done - i mean, this is a restaurant who could find its place at DLP Disney Village dining and entertainment area if DLP did not had already the Blue Lagoon at Adventureland - but also, as you will see, they obviously learned well their "lessons" !.

From the fortress tower to a skull rock, and from pirates skeletons and a real size galleon the whole thing is full of reminiscences from Disney Pirates attractions. But the good thing is that they did a theming which looks almost as good as a WDI theming. The place is very successful - no surprise as everyone from kids to adults always love pirates - and they even built a second Pirates Paradise restaurant in another town not so far from the first one.

The best is that i let you have a look to some pictures coming from their site and then i'll meet you with a video which will show you more.

Pirates Paradise merchandise shop is inside the "skull rock"!

As you've seen, they did a pretty good job, and specially considering it's a french restaurant - as french as not "naturally" good for this kind of theming, unless of course if WDI imagineering is behind them. But they didn't built only nice decors as Pirates Paradise also have some lightning and cannon effects as you will see in the video below!

So, next time you come in the south of France, don't forget to make a stop and have some lunch or dinner at Pirates Paradise as i'm sure that the Disney fan that you are should really enjoy this place! In the meantime you can have a look at their website right HERE.

Pictures: copyright Pirates Paradise


Robert /Cologne said...

Amazed Disney didnt come up with this .
Would be a perfect addition for WDW .

Alain Littaye said...

You're right, Robert, it will be perfect at Downtown Disney, for instance.

Anonymous said...

ce restaurant avait eu droit a un reportage complet dans CAPITAL sur M6 l'an dernier

Anonymous said...

il ne faut pas confondre ce restaurant (pirate paradise) avec la franchise Le rocher des Pirates qui a trois restaurants et qui a eu un reportage sur M6 en effet. D'ailleurs elle détient le restaurant à thème le plus grand de france, devant le hollywood planet de disneyvillage, à toulouse.

Reaper said...

Exact, j'ai de suite pensé au Rocher des Pirates qui a ouvert y'a 2, 3 ans sur Toulouse. Ils font même référence au Hollywood Planet de DLP sur leur site :

"Découvrez le plus grand restaurant à thème de france avec 600 couverts, juste devant le planet Hollywood de Disneyland Paris. Excusez du peu ! Dans un espace de 2000m², plongez au coeur de l'ambiance du rocher des pirates. Veritable révolution dans le monde des restaurants de Toulouse, il ravira aussi bien les grands que les petits"

Anonymous said...

Et pour avoir testé le rocher, il y a un spectacle (qui ravira les enfants, ensuite dès qu'on a passé l'âge on voit que c'est une bande son préenregistré et pour ma part ca manque de dynamisme). Le resto nous plonge bien dans l'ambiance avec des jeux de lumière et du personnel costumé. Niveau plat, on se rapproche du pirate paradise mais en étant plus fournit. Les plats sont bons et assez copieux même si je regrette de ne pas avoir pris les ribs au lieu de mon escalope pané (oui j'ai du finir le plat d'une amie). Les frites sont fines et ultra basiques, on aurait aimé voir des frites plus généreuses. Les desserts sont bons et le tarifs est plutôt correct. Ce n'est pas de la haute cuisine mais ca reste bon et abordable. A faire au moins une fois.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

That's VERY well done!