Sunday, March 24, 2013

Exclusive Signed Collector's Edition Copies Of The Disneyland Paris Book Available For a Limited Time !

Here is something about the Disneyland Paris book that a lot of people asked me and that i couldn't offer until now.  From now till April 15 anyone who will order a collector copy of the Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality book will have the possibility to get a signed copy whether you want the book in its english or french edition!

Because i'm living in a country and because the books are - and are sent - from another one i couldn't signed a copy when someone was asking me. But i'll be back for two weeks starting March 29 and i will be able to sign specially all book orders done during this period. You also have to know that so far, since the book was published ten years ago almost none collector copies were signed  - and just a few only of the normal edition, too. So, having a signed collector edition copy will surely make it a "double collector" and valuable copy!

And the good news is that these signed copies not only are not more expensive but until April 15 are sold with a 20 euros discount on the normal price! So go ahead and order your collector signed copy today! Paypal payment or bank transfer are accepted and you can also use the coded Paypal one-click purchase button below - prices on it include the shipping worldwide wherever you live! Also notify me your order and which edition you want - french or english - by email at:

For more infos about the book please go HERE and you'll also find a video below showing the whole book.

Choose quantity and enjoy additional discount !

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