Friday, April 12, 2013

Disneyland Paris Celebrates Its 21st Anniversary !

21 Years ago Disneyland Paris was opening its gates in France and the park is celebrating today its 21st Anniversary.  No pictures yet of what will happen today but i did last week in the park two cool videos for you and i suggest that we begin by the first one which show the newly refurbished Pirates of Caribbean.

No Jack Sparrow Audio-Animatronics has been added yet in the ride, but everyone is saying that they did a great work on the lighting and almost all effects and AAs are working, even the famous and DLP POTC version only pirates duelists although they still are not as perfect as they were 21 years ago. Also note that the filming begins with the first fall and the pirate ship as the video of the scenes before was definitely too dark. Hope you'll enjoy the ride anyway!

Let's move to Sleeping Beauty Castle or, more precisely, under the castle!...

...As the other video is a closer look to one of DLP greatest Audio-Animatronic, the dragon of "La Tanière du Dragon" located under Sleeping Beauty Castle, also another DLP exclusive, not to be missed when you visit the park. Here, too, they did some changes on the lighting some months ago and you can see better the part of the dragon body in the back.

Well I also shot normal pics and i have a selection of high-res pictures that should look great as wallpapers for your desktop but Photobucket don't work today so instead i've embedded the video of DLP Grand Opening which happened exactly 21 years ago! Don't forget too to follow me on the D&M Facebook page HERE.

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Pictures and video: copyright Disney and more

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Anonymous said...

Love the Dragon under the Castle in Disneyland Paris!
Was disappointed when I visited Magic Kingdom in Florida and found out, that there is no Dragon there.