Monday, April 1, 2013

DLP Update : Theming Begins on WDS Ratatouille Ride Show Building Facade !

Hope you all had a great Easter Sunday! We will start the week with a two parts Disneyland Paris update with great pictures shot by Max Fan, D&M contributor and Dlrp Welcome webmaster. All pictures were shot at park opening hour, that's why you'll see almost no guests on the photos and its probably due to the fact that it's so bloody cold right now in Paris with O degrees celsius in the morning that guests probably wait a few hours more before rushing in the parks. But Max who obviously is not afraid to face the harsh cold temperatures came at the parks very early, which is also a good time to shoot good pictures as it is the morning "magic hour" and the light is fantastic at that time.

In this part one we'll have a look at the Walt Disney Studios as well as the works on the Ratatouille ride as theming has began on the show building facade!

There we go, starting by the Walt Disney Studios entrance.

Let's move to Backlot!

There is a small cafe near the Moteurs Action Stunt Show which i like a lot - specially the inside - and it's a Diner called "Cafe des Cascadeurs". I've rarely posted pictures of it so i'm glad that Max did and here it is. Unfortunately it's often closed, specially in low season.

Back to Toon Studio where the Magic Carpet ride is apparently under maintenance.

And here comes the latest pictures of the Ratatouille ride site. As you will see theming has obviously began on the right side of the show building where WDS Imagineers must create the look of parisian facades.

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Pictures: copyright Max Fan


tobias said...

We love the Diner "Cafe des Cascadeurs", whenever we visit the Pakr we take Dinner. But we prefer to sit outside in the back of the caravan. Funny to see every 5 minutes the explosion from the Tour in the background....

Nate said...

Those shots are really great. Reminds me of the early days of California Adventure: empty.